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Criminal Defense Attorney in Milton & Boston, MA

Fight Your Charges with an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Milton, MA

Any criminal conviction on your record could limit your job options, ability to securing decent housing and chances for getting a loan. You need experienced, aggressive criminal defense representation, whether you're facing a misdemeanor or felony charge. Attorney Knight has had experience working in the court system in Massachusetts and will fight hard to protect your rights. Start working on your defense by contacting the Law Office of Byron J. Knight LLC today.

You Don't Have to Let a Criminal Charge Hold You Back

Pulled Over & Charged with Drunk Driving?

Consult with a DUI Attorney in Milton, MA

Because driving under the influence puts so many lives at risk, Massachusetts lawmakers take a hard stance on it. A DUI/OUI arrest could mean high penalties, including:

  • Loss of your driving privileges

  • Mandatory alcohol treatment

  • Fines and incarceration

A DUI attorney in Milton, MA can help you understand what's at risk and how to defend yourself. For instance, Massachusetts passed "Melanie's Law" in 2005, which increased the penalties for DUI/OUI convictions. Even if you have no prior offense convictions, you can expect to receive a mandatory license suspension for 180 days. If you have previous convictions, you could lose your license for life. Dial 617-863-2529 right now to schedule a meeting with a competent DUI attorney from the Law Office of Byron J. Knight.

Facing a Gun Charge?

Speak with an Attorney in Milton, MA

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts takes gun laws very seriously. Anyone who fails to maintain a current Firearms Identification Card could receive a mandatory jail sentence. If you're facing a gun charge, attorney Knight can help you fight it. Don't gamble with your freedom. If you're found guilty in a gun possession case, you'll face a minimum of 18 months in a house of correction. Speak with a tenacious gun charge attorney in Milton, Massachussetts today.